2021 Wrap-Up: I changed.

2021 went by almost as quickly as 2020. But that's not to say I just watched it pass by. It's been quite eventful. I've changed. My personality. My attitude. But my heart beats the same.   I don't know if it's brought on by the pandemic — with the strict regulation of social interactions and … Continue reading 2021 Wrap-Up: I changed.

Soul-Searching Who? I’m Chasing My Soul.

I have since scrapped the idea of soul searching because, I have come to realize, my soul is never really lost. It is simply yearning. My soul desires to be out there, to be everywhere, to be in places where it can wander and be free. Above everything, it seeks to be free. My soul … Continue reading Soul-Searching Who? I’m Chasing My Soul.

July 10, 2021: I got my first tattoo / Autumn in my heart 🍁

I was less nervous about the pain than the implications of having a tattoo. I used to—not really condemn but—really shun the idea of myself getting tattoos. I can’t really explain the reason; it’s not the prison/gang stereotype that many people had. I guess I wanted to stay “pure” and untainted and cute, LOL. Also, I … Continue reading July 10, 2021: I got my first tattoo / Autumn in my heart 🍁

Q&A with self on the day I turn 30.

Today is my first day. I ask myself, how do I feel right now? About being 30? I don’t know much about it yet. It’s like entering a new club as a newcomer. I don’t know anyone, I don’t know where to station myself or who to approach first. Even though hours ago I was … Continue reading Q&A with self on the day I turn 30.

2020 Wrap-Up: Nothing I Imagined.

  2020 was nothing I imagined.   I won't deny I still feel somewhat dismayed by how 2020 turned out. I feel some kind of lacking, like a lot could have happened if only coronavirus didn't happen. Compared with the several past years—which, like for most people, always began with false optimism that didn't get … Continue reading 2020 Wrap-Up: Nothing I Imagined.