To a twenty-something girl

Some say you are already twenty. Some say you’re only 20. Sometimes, you feel old. Sometimes, you feel young and childish.

Sometimes, you feel like you missed a lot of things when you were a lot younger. You feel that you’ve missed studying hard and actually learning… Saving money from your summer job… Learning how to be an artist… Doing the things you (might) love… Collecting stuff… And most of all, you feel like you’ve missed getting to know yourself.

You want to be able to face people and tell them right away what your favorite food is, your favorite brand of clothing or your favorite cartoon show. More so, you want to be able to tell what kind of person you are. You might be a loner. A crybaby. Or a bitch. Sometimes, you’re a piece of everything. You want to know what makes you really happy and what makes you super sad so you can tell people who might care. You want to know what you love doing and what you are good at so that you can do them.

Tell you what. You are older than before but you are still young. Unless you get hit by a truck or catch a deadly flu tomorrow, you still have a lot of time to be intimate with yourself. You have a lot of time to write and you can start now.

You have a lot of time to live.

But don’t wait ’til you’re forty—even though they say that’s when life starts. 😛

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