FINALLY —A degree.

I took up a four-year course at the university in 2007. I was fifteen, and I had a lot to look forward to. In four years, I would graduate very young at nineteen. Still a teenager. But then, some turn of events (just silly, nothing serious like getting pregnant or what) caused me to delay my graduation.

I started in the university like how most freshmen are–responsible and grade-conscious. Never missed a class. Come my sophomore year, I learned to chill and take things easy. I would maximize the allowable absences, cram on papers and assignments and deliver a report in class unprepared. Surprisingly–never a fail mark.

After my sophomore year, I took off from college to try out a full-time job. At first, I said it would only be for one semester, and then I’ll be back. That one semester turned into a year. And then, two years. No regrets. My experiences as a young worker had been fun. I experienced earning a lot of money and spending it aimlessly, drinking all night with colleagues, having crushes at work and all crazy sorts. I also learned how to take care of myself, explore new hobbies and interests, and mingle with people. I saw a bigger world.

I came back to the university with a larger sense of the world.

Intent on finishing what I had started at the university, I worked hard through my remaining years in college. I lived on my own and kept a part-time job to support myself (It’s hard and exciting to be independent). I worked the hardest in my final semester. I slightly crammed on my manuscript, but I took it seriously. I spent long hours at the university library to finish it. In a way, I was like a freshman again. Grade-conscious and eager. Well, I wouldn’t want to mess up my last semester. I wouldn’t want to extend for another term!

And it all paid off.

Today, I have submitted my manuscript. I only received positive comments from my academic adviser. I am also very satisfied with my work. In the end, it has all been easy. In July next year, I will be joining the ceremony for the graduates of the school year 2014-2015. I will be there because I deserve it. I deserve to be recognized as–finally–a graduate after years of struggle through college.

I am twenty-something now. I am graduating not a teenager anymore. But it doesn’t matter now. They say age doesn’t matter in love, and so in graduation. The best things come to those who wait and work hard for them. I finished what I had started, and that’s what matters to me. I am proud.



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