A Writer’s Insecurities


I might be the only “writer” who does not have a proper portfolio. I did major in writing in college. But I do not have any past entries on any website or any article published anywhere. Nor any experience in a conference except for a half-day travel writing workshop by a local writers organization.

Now, I have this WordPress blog that is quite young, with few followers, that I’m not sure I can be proud of.

It sometimes makes me insecure and makes me think, should I really be here on this path? Should I really be aspiring to become a writer? There are lots of good writers out there. What good have I to offer that they cannot?

But then, on the other hand, I have been writing and scribbling all my life. I love writing about my goals and my dreams. About stories that I wish were my own. About love and other mushy things. I have done all those not to publish but to satisfy myself. I crave for writing, and I give in to it.

I guess, before you write for others, you write for yourself. Publishing is a good boost to one’s pride. The writing itself is a personal fulfillment.

I probably cannot eliminate all my insecurities as a writer, but that does not mean they can stop me from writing either. Perhaps blogging like this is my first step to getting myself known to the rest of the world. That, hey, there’s somebody over here who likes to write about stuff. And, maybe, just maybe, someday the whole world will be reading me, too.

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