How I like my coffee

I like my coffee iced. I like to see the hazy layers of milk, espresso and caramel before I pour in some sugar and mix it. I prefer brown sugar–four to five sachets because I like it really sweet. I don’t thoroughly mix the sugar because I like to chew on the granules when I sip the coffee from the bottom.

I usually like my coffee in Starbucks. Caramel Macchiato is my favorite. I like it here because of the ambiance except during peak hours. So, I go when it’s early in the morning or a work day. If not, then I find a less popular cafe. I like my coffee with cake–I love cheesecakes–or a doughnut unless I am really hungry. Any kind of cheesecake will hearten me.

When I am alone, I take a table and form a personal bubble, lay my notebook and pens and ignore the rest of the world. But I also like my coffee with a companion–a sweet one. Sugar is unnecessary to a companion who shares coffee and conversations with you. I like to see the hazy layers of the horizon during sunset while sipping coffee, and chatting and talking mushy things. No rush on finishing the coffee. It doesn’t matter if my iced coffee becomes watery or his hot drink becomes cold.

This is what I like most about having coffee. Besides the enjoyable taste, it also makes time spent simply meaningful with someone special. Asking a person to grab a coffee with you is one of the easiest and simplest things to get to spend time together. Having two of the best things in life–coffee and him–at the same time is how I like it best.


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