To a twenty-something girl (2015 New Year’s letter to self)

This year, you are going to be a year older–still in your twenties.

Congratulations on your accomplishments in 2014!!! Your greatest accomplishment: GRADUATION. I am sure you’ll achieve more and bigger things this year. Don’t forget your dreams and plans last year. Write them all again this year and remind yourself of all the great things you can achieve.

Congratulations on surviving the final years of college. It had been tough, but you stood strong. You cried, but you didn’t stop. Do not hesitate to cry when you feel tired because after you drain all those tears, you’ll feel lighter and become stronger.

Life is tough, but you’ll find more of great things in it. This is the start of greater things for you. Keep doing what you love, and do not depend much on other people. Keep discovering yourself.

You are the best lover of yourself. For now, concentrate on making yourself happy. Food. Coffee. Writing. Movies. Swimming. Gaming. Travels. Yes, do everything fun.

2015 is your year. As it was last year.

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