Baler, Aurora: No Photos, Just Sounds of the Beach

I thought two days and one night wouldn’t be enough, but our trip was prime.

Baler, Aurora felt so bucolic. The bus station was small and rocky with tricycles on the side waiting for tourist passengers who would go for a ride around the town. The streets were small but not congested. Houses and establishments were small and mostly rustic.

It’s not a very remarkable town. Baler is very rural there’s not one shopping mall in it. No fancy restaurants. Not much night life at the beach. It’s simply laidback. And I love it.

It offers more than enough exposure to nature, particularly water—river, waterfalls, beach. And you know how soothing the sound and touch of water is. The icy waterfalls tickled me to the bones. The heavy flow of water sent cold sprinkles to my face, which is much better than looking up at rain clouds on a humid rainy day in the city.

The sea was just a little bit warmer. Low waves. Big waves. Whopping waves! Who wouldn’t love to surf? But even when we had returned the surfboards we rented, the fun was far from over.

Jump up the big waves. Dive under the bigger waves. Sometimes, we spun our arms and let the waves bring us along. That’s what we did until the sun got tired of watching and made its descent to the horizon.

When the day was over, I lay myself on a hammock and just looked up the sky. Not much noise, just the sound of my mind’s restless thoughts. A perfect time to just contemplate.

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