I once dated a vampire.

What’s your image of a vampire? I suppose we have different images of vampires, depending on which movies we’ve watched or books we’ve read. Edward Cullen? The classic Dracula? Damon Salvatore? Roman Godfrey?

I once dated a vampire. Okay, his image was more like the Edward Cullen type. Romantic, masculine, cheesy.

I say he was like a vampire because he sucked the life out of me overnight.

We only saw each other during the night and parted ways at dawn. He was almost a stranger. We only went out twice. But during those nights, he made feel comfortable, awesome, beautiful.

We sat on the grass and talked while glancing up the night sky or watching the still pond. We talked about a lot of things and it felt as comfortable as writing my feelings on my diary.

I let him kiss me–that took my breath away.

Just as how a real vampire’s business with you is done once he’s sucked the blood out of your neck–I did not see him again after that night.

I don’t feel sorry.

Those few nights I spent with him was a memorable experience. He was a vampire who got me spellbound by his eyes, by his presence, and by his kiss–something that doesn’t always happen with strangers.


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