Musings: 01-Dec-2018

Daybook excerpt — random musings: 01-Dec-2018

Isn’t it a bit lonely to be the sun?

A beaming yellow galactical fellow, surrounded by planets and asteroids and rocks that revolve around it, and yet nothing can ever get too close. A perfect example of isolation amid a crowd.

To outshine all darkness, it burns and glows a little too much that it hurts. Nobody can look straight at it. Nobody can go near it—not near enough to hear its voice or touch its hand. And when it’s finally ready to cool down so that you can see it a little bit better and it hurts a little bit less, it becomes vulnerable—to darkness, to death. But it wants you to see it, it wants to allow you to get closer. It wants to let you in. 

At the expense of its own life. 

Its death is a terrible thing. It becomes part of the darkness that it used to fight—alone. 

Not all bright and glowing and yellow signify happiness. 

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