I once dated a vampire.

What's your image of a vampire? I suppose we have different images of vampires, depending on which movies we've watched or books we've read. Edward Cullen? The classic Dracula? Damon Salvatore? Roman Godfrey? I once dated a vampire. Okay, his image was more like the Edward Cullen type. Romantic, masculine, cheesy. I say he was … Continue reading I once dated a vampire.

Carpe Diem: Strangers

Don’t talk to strangers. You've heard this perhaps a million times. Parents especially say this to kids because strangers can be bad guys. But have you ever defied this rule? Just like other days, I came to Starbucks and took a “territory.” This is my regular habit. On the second floor, I conquered two couches and … Continue reading Carpe Diem: Strangers