Daybook by Rei

I shall not be deprived of coffee, travel, hugs, and every little happy thing.

This daybook serves as a platform for me to write about the things I love and dream about.

I am in the neverending process of discovering and getting to know myself. And it’s an exciting roller-coaster ride.


3 thoughts on “Daybook by Rei

  1. Your profile looks good! We’re in the same boat i think, i’m currently scrimping and saving to get back traveling. I look forward to hearing about your adventures! x

    1. Thank you! That’s great. I don’t work yet (I just graduated from college), but I’ve made it a point to save and travel to new places at least twice a year. Maybe I can travel more once I start my job. Haha. Good luck on your adventure-seeking as well!

  2. Hi! You’ve got an interesting blog! You have a short but sweet about page. I’m not a coffee addict but I especially love the soft drink, coke! I love suspense and action movies as well! You got another follower!

    If you want, you can check out my blog at


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